Hello to all and Happy 2008! If you are reading this because you’ve heard from me lately, thank you. I’ve been doing a lot of reaching out (“pinging” if you’re a Keith Ferrazzi reader) this week and I’m glad to have you along. Subscribe by email or RSS at left, to learn and grow your business with the Maximum Customer Experience Blog!

My name is Kelly Erickson. I’m the owner and Creative Director of VisionPoints, The Experience Designers, specializing in strategic, integrated interior and graphic design for your firm. Our Vision is to create Maximum Customer Experiences for our clients’ companies, and with this blog I hope to extend the invitation to you, the reader: improve your Customer Experience and you will improve your bottom line.

I recommend the Experience Design 101 series as a starting point. Integrated design of all aspects of Customer Experience is what will power your firm’s best year ever in 2008, and this series of posts is designed to give you the basic terms, tips, and examples to really dig in to Experience Design.

At left you can also choose to read past articles in chronological order or by topic, if you’d like to catch up. My aim for the blog is to get good conversations started that increase everyone’s understanding of Experience Design, so comments are welcome.

Thanks for taking a look. I hope you’ll take away lots of great ideas for your business and help create a community here at the MCE Blog.

Read on, write back, and Go Where Your VisionPoints.

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson