How to Put Experience Design to Work, Today: 11 Tips

This is part twelve of 13 in the Experience Design 101 series. For links to all the articles in this series, click here.

1. Ask five customers why they (called, walked in, contacted you online,… became a lead or a customer) today. Find out if you’re their secret source.

2. Have a trusted advisor outside your firm evaluate your customer service, unannounced.

3. Research the needs of your customer by typing search terms they might use into an Internet search engine. Look for one need you can tailor your offerings toward.

4. Audit your graphic materials (business cards, stationery, brochures, packaging, website, etc.), considering your existing interior design. Are you making a consistent visual statement?

5. Write a one-paragraph Vision Statement. If you already have one, incorporate it into your website.

6. Make a list of three Perception issues that you want to align more closely with your firm’s Purpose. Choose one, and ask every member of your staff to make it their top priority for one week.

7. Do a “simplicity check” on your firm’s website. Can you convey the information customers really need with fewer words, fewer pages, fewer distractions?

8. Do you know your web traffic figures? Learn how your site measures in monthly traffic, clickthroughs, average time at your site, and leads or sales. Find one weak page on your site to revise, and track the effect of improving it.

9. Explain your company’s Vision to your three newest stakeholders. Ask them to share their understanding of the firm’s Purpose, and write down their suggestions for improvements to your Customer Experience.

10. Research change. Make a plan to add one truly innovative product, service, or method to your firm in the next month, based on your understanding of the needs customers look to your firm to solve.

11. Share your firm’s Vision with the public. Start a blog, teach a class, or give a speech. Focus on insights into customer needs, and give ideal solutions to those needs.


BONUS TIP: Visit VisionPoints’ Recommended Reading list. Choose a title that appeals to your current needs, and get started looking for your next 11 Tips!

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