BrainStorm: Designing a Super-Custom Experience

I wish the books would flash—
Flash the ones that I want.”
—Overheard at the library, elderly lady* to her daughter

There’s opportunity here, in the Experience this woman was seeking today. Online, amazon can do this for you and so can many others: customize your Experience based on your previous habits. (Ooh, I adore that feature.)

If you are a traditional bricks-and-mortar firm, how can you make use of her wish?

Your restaurant could keep track of guest preferences and send custom offers to them based on items they order, the time of the day they come in, or the day of the week: Cross-sell, upsell, or reward frequency (Yes, some do, but how many—especially smaller companies—don’t?)

Your law firm could offer an estate-planning seminar to clients who’ve experienced a birth, divorce, or major move that might get them thinking long-term

Your library could email patrons about new books, movies, or music that match their borrowing habits  : )

Important points for Super-Custom Experience Design

A fabulously-phrased opt-in is a must.

So is a prominent, easy-to-use opt-out.

Offer an opportunity, and make it as personalized as you can. (If my own attorney called to tell me that Joe down the hall was running as seminar she thought I’d be interested in, I’d listen. No loss of confidentiality—she doesn’t have to give Joe her call list; I call him if I want to.)

*Is age a factor? It depends on your business. Sometimes age does matter in determining how much or what kind of help you’d like. Something else to consider with your customers and prospects.

This is just a quick list, so brainstorm with me: What are your top ideas for Super-Custom bricks-and-mortar Experience? Can smaller Internet businesses make the most desired solutions “flash,” too?

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson