Welcome to Our World

1. The Internet Is a Great Big Yellow Pages, and We’re Looking For

Your hours

How to contact you

Why you are the Solution to our problem

2. We don’t know what a blog is

Many people who consider themselves fairly tech-savvy have never visited a blog. (Or think they haven’t, because they read them without knowing that’s what they are.) Questions I hear include: “How do you find one? Can I ‘Google’ it? How do other people find out about them? Isn’t that a porn thing?” I am not making this up—these were within the last two weeks. It’s easy to get so involved that you forget the rest of the world doesn’t know what you know.

3. …Or care

“Why would I want to spend time reading someone else’s Internet thoughts?” Read a newspaper lately? Pick up a magazine on any personal or professional topic? Looking for tips, stories, and advice? There’s a blog out there for you. As a business blogger, you’ve got to convince this reader that your blog is that one. Tell them what expertise, insider info, or point of view they’ll get from you and nowhere else!

4. Wasting time on the web is the new “guilty pleasure”

So the fact that we don’t understand blogs doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be willing to get lost reading one, if it had value to us in some way. To us, a blog is just another website.

5. On the web, we’re all penny-pinching misers

Didn’t I mention that in Truth #1? Recent research suggests that while customers are reluctant to pull out a coupon in public and be thought a cheapskate, on the Internet where nobody’s looking, there are no such qualms. Coupons or not, the first reason we come to your website is to find out, “How much?” If you don’t give us at least a clue about pricing, you’ve lost us to a competitor who will. The Internet is a pricing research tool for the undecided and commitment-phobic.

6. …Until you convince us otherwise

We may look first for your pricing, but if we discover true value along the way we will bookmark you, refer you to others, and keep you in mind when the commitment-phobia morphs into a real need. Bookmarks are rarely deleted, (and never lost like a brochure can be) so give your site irresistible value—help with the decisions, encourage the commitment, inform, and provide a sense of anticipation.


Website or blog, it doesn’t matter. Your Internet Presence must be there. It must be available, engaging, and informative. Dusting off the Yellow Pages is becoming rare in real life, for one simple reason: It’s quicker and easier to dust off the computer.

We know we’ll probably get more out of the Internet than the Yellow Pages, but that’s just a bonus.

Have you learned a surprising Tech Truth about your customers (or juicier yet, have a confession of your own)? Share it here!

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson