… All the Way Home

How great is this? The Chicago Tribune and many others report that nursing homes are using the Wii to keep their residents active and engaged.

And way cool to their grandkids.

Fun! You can’t always control the message.

It appears that Nintendo has been thinking along similar lines for some time, with the December 2007 release of the specialized Wii Fit in Japan (slated for April 2008 release here in the states).

@ Nintendo: You can’t always control the message!

Isn’t a large part of the success of the regular Wii in attracting an older audience, the joy of thinking you’re in on a secret?

And feeling like you’re up on the latest technology.

The market controls the message, sometimes with delightfully unexpected results.

Cool, hip grandparents get excited about a product. Their grandkids get excited about them. It starts conversations. And they buy one for the grandkids, next birthday. Staff notices more sparkles in eyes. The message goes viral.

Will the Wii Fit’s overt message work as well as the underground message of the original? This sounds like Wii Broccoli to me. Now I’m not way cool, I’m just using another fitness machine. Killjoy!

What unexpected uses have you heard of for your product or service? Do you have a great tip for encouraging serendipity in Customer Experience without losing the secret’s sparkle? Leave a comment below.

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Kelly Erickson

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