What Makes You So Sure This Will Work?

I’m the sum of all I’ve grown up with, through, and around. I’ve seen some mighty down times, but I’ve never met a moment at which I couldn’t make a joke and a plan and fight my way out of it. Humor and planning go together, and there’s a lot more in the equation for me. What influences give you strength at dark moments?

One Equation for Hope:

Stiff upper lip: New England

+Black humor: Ireland

+Optimism, deep concern for karma, fatal love of bumper-sticker-like mantras: Child of the tail end of the 60s

+Power of the individual (to effect change): Growing up in the 70s

+Would-be Brahmin intellectualism and children of immigrants’ realism: Parents


Laugh and Keep Pluggin’

The combination gives me a rah-rah, you-can-do-it, coat-of-paint-will-do-wonders attitude, an ability to break the problems that are bigger than a coat of paint down into achievable chunks, and a wink and a laugh at the tough moments. The worst day of one person’s life is always the best day of someone else’s. It’s a big world.

I’m writing this today because I’ve recently had conversations with several business owners who seem to have lost hope. It can happen, when business plateaus even with what seem to be your best efforts. I don’t want to get all hippie on you, but can you really give your best efforts when you’ve run out of hope? If you don’t believe in the company, who will? If you won’t invest (time, energy, hope, as well as dollars) in your future why do you think your employees or your customers will? They can smell a sinking ship from a mile away, and they’re running in the other direction.

Little things do add up to big things. Work a series of little shifts with patience and determination, and it will add up eventually to a big “miracle.” Not so miraculous, when you consider that you planned it out and made it happen.

There are lots of folks willing to settle for good enough, at work and in life. If you are one of them this blog is not for you. If you know when you have good experiences and when you don’t, if you want your company to take off by providing your customers with Maximum Customer Experience, then you may pick up tips, tales, little to-dos, and big strategies here. Pick a page, and try one out today. Whether you work it out with just your staff or decide to talk to VisionPoints, I want you to grow and share your growth stories here at the MCE Blog.

Don’t settle for good enough. It isn’t.

Who are you? Write your own equation. How do you know It’s on its way?*

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson


*One of my favorite mantras, from Wayne Dyer, to which I add: If I make it happen.

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, and then Charlie Pabst gave me the kick in the pants, getting me thinking about all the mantras I hear in my head to keep positive.

For a contrarian view about “good enough,” read When Fine Is Plenty from Naomi Dunford at IttyBiz, and her inspiration, Lea Woodward’s post on Freelance Switch. Guys, I couldn’t agree less, yet I appreciate the idea of not stressing so much. That’s where all the black humor and post-hippie stuff comes in handy.