Some Women Go Crazy for a Sharp Bottle of Perfume

Friends know I am very, very into scent. I remember smells, and notice smells. Professionally, it’s probably the first thing I consciously examine when I am in a new place.

Personally, I never go without fragrance. If I were a zillionaire I’d certainly own twice as many as I do now, and now it’s probably too many. I’m selective, though: a connoisseur, not a compulsive collector.

Clients and readers know I am very, very into visual design. Combine a signature product package with iconic art and I’m drooling.

Today I ran into my Happy-Mothers’-Day-to-Me budget-buster, calling to me to throw monetary caution to the wind. (Thanks, Dallas Morning News.) Andy Warhol. Bond No. 9. Spicy green floral. Meet me in mid-March at Saks. Can I possibly wait until Mothers’ Day to wear it?

They targeted me, hooked me, and have me anticipating its release. If the scent is as good as the hype, I’ll be paying twice what I’d like to for it very soon.

It feels exclusive, it makes me feel part of the cognoscenti, it strokes my ego. It combines my love of art, of package design, of successful niche business stories, and my love of smelling absolutely fabulous. Then I have to wait, and pay too much, and be fawned over by some overly-made-up lady at Saks, where I normally only go for inspiration. (Yes, I could get it at Bond’s website, but remember the connoisseur part? I’m not buying if it stinks, and that requires a store visit. D’ya think I could get a review copy?)

Psst… if you think only women do this, think about the mad dash for team clothing right before the Super Bowl. [Or insert favorite national-insanity sporting event here.] The prices on the stuff kill me.

If you know your Ideal Customer well, you can create this desire. Combine their loves, go a bit over-the-top, and set a date. Make ‘em wait. While they’re waiting, get some good press out there. Buzz, buzz…

What do you think about their blatant attempt to hook me and my easy fall? Got any other ideas for creating exclusivity with your latest release?

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson