Dying to Know What the PODB Is?

Loyal readers, please click on over to Capable Blog, “the semi-unofficial side project, hobby, labour of love etc etc of Capable People founder Shaun Sayers,” devoted to musings on Quality Improvement, dissecting said procedures, and discussing results.

When Shaun emailed that he saw Experience Design as one of “the new battlegrounds for business,” I thought, “this guy really knows how to flatter an author grasp one of the fundamentals of the New Economy,” so of course I was glad to oblige with a guest post. TQM and I are old friends. If you think ISO is something from a personal ad, Shaun can help you out with that, real gently. Plus his dogs are beautiful.

It was neat going through Shaun’s work to see the refinements that have taken place in QC since the long ago when I was a Deming devotee, and writing about going beyond Quality Control to create value in the Customer Experience.

I might have rattled the cage a little bit. Let me know what you think!

; )

Thanks, Shaun.

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson