How Not to Manage a Brand-New Account

How do you make the Customer Experience rewarding for your very best clients? What touches do you add when welcoming a brand-new account? Don’t try this at work:

Dear [Six-Month Old],

Thank you for your business! In order to verify your data, we’ve enclosed an account summary. Review this information [on which age and date of birth are clearly marked] and make corrections if needed on the copy marked for return. Please take a moment to fill out the three forms enclosed for the supplemental coverage you requested. We look forward to serving your needs in the future. Feel free to call on me, your personal representative, if you have any questions.


Completely Impersonal, Unthinking, Auto-Responder

[This is, unfortunately, a real letter to a couple (well, to their son) who had just heavily funded a new account for baby, complete with the data needing review including the account holder’s age, zero.]

You want me to spell it out?

1. Make your auto-responders smart. If you’ve got to use them they have to be able to catch the easy stuff.

2. Don’t use auto-responders for high-ticket goods and services at all. It’s just not cool.

3. Make your “personal” service personal!

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Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson