Face It, I’ll Never Be Martha (Won’t Somebody Do This for Me?)

So I’m sitting here shining my shoes this morning…

What? Don’t you shine your shoes in the morning? Okay, I don’t do it every day either. Just when it’s becoming really obvious. About the same time I wash my car.

…and I’m thinking, whatever happened to shoeshine services? I mean, this is a messy business. I don’t do it very well (lack of frequency?), and I’m going to go around with black spots on my hands all day because my wimpy soap says uh-uh to getting this off of me. I’d definitely pay to have somebody do it for me.

Well, there’s a shoeshine at the Reading Terminal Market (Philadelphia, folks), but I can’t wait to go into Philly to get my shoes shined. And I dunno, I’ve never seen a woman sitting there so maybe I’d even feel intimidated to do it. The shoes would have to be pretty grungy. If they were that grungy I’d have done it before I left home. See where this is going?

I think it’s an opportunity. Not for the traditional model, a guy waiting for dirty feet to pass by, but for someone who already takes care of my stuff. How about my drycleaner, or the local laundromat? My hairdresser? A tailor? Maybe a kiosk at the mall that does a few other things like shoelaces, watchbands…. Or am I just the last soul shining her shoes?

What do you think? Value-added for personal services firms or keep polishing, Kelly? 😉

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Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson