Don’t Let It Get This Far

On the front door of most buildings in my complex as I walked out to the car Wednesday:

Warning: All residents. Company name has illegally renewed my lease.... I hand delivered written notification... and also hand delivered a second form. They are denying having received either. Corporate offices hung up on me. And the managers refuse to talk. I do not know what other actions I can pursue. I paid my rent every month on time. This is a blatant and illegal attempt at forcing me into a lease which I terminated. Manager name, document everything you do, because never in my entire life have I seen something like this.

Gone when I came back for lunch at 2pm. Naturally.

Maybe they’ll fix it, now that it’s a public embarrassment. I doubt it, having a history of poor service with them myself. Maybe the person’s not even in the right, of course I can’t know. That’s not really the point.

Do you think the management is going to post one of their own if they resolve this peacefully? Not a chance.

You know what that means? All of us who live here, we only hear one side of it. That is a huge company mistake, in these panic-ridden days.

Not all of us took a photo. But many of us went to work and discussed it. And when we did, we didn’t blur out the name of the parent company or the manager as I have for you. Local word-of-mouth is one of the most critical aspects of almost any business, especially one that houses locals! Hundreds of us went out in the world and told this side of the story, the only side we’re going to hear.

The customer is not always right, but the customer always must be happy with their Experience. Or at least, not so pissed off that they post warnings over an entire complex. The company can never get back the trust each of us had just a few hours before.

What was the answer? Eat the dollars, assume the best in people, say you’ve made a mistake and fix it quickly. Hubris had a big hand in this—an excess of individual and corporate pride—and a need to be right that exceeded the need to do right.

Don’t let it get this far.

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson