How to Turn Down Time Into New Business Opportunities

What could your Restaurant do with down time?

Could you:

Invite a mothers’ group

veterans’ group

book club

seniors group

to meet?

Could you blindfold yourself to smell your space, and listen to your space, for fifteen minutes?

Could you send staff out to local businesses where staff will really need a stretch in a couple of hours:



insurance agents

financial services

with bite-sized samples?


What could your Office do with down time?

Could you:

Get a list together, and start sending birthday cards to past and present clients

or their spouses

or their dogs?

Could you watch your Mom navigate your website, looking for spots that trip her up, and ask her what’s missing from the Experience?

(No? Could you gather together the team and the information you need, to finally create that website you’ve been meaning to do?)

Could you email four trusted advisors:

your lawyer

your real estate agent

your insurance agent

your accountant

with a story or a bit of news to benefit them, just because you have this down time and you’re thinking of them?


What could your Store do with down time?

Could you:

use a wheelchair for an hour

come with a toddler

do a walkthrough not as the Ideal Customer, but the tired spouse of the Ideal Customer

to really understand how the Customer Experience could be improved?

Could you ask every guest who comes in today, “How Did You Find Us?”

Could you arrange to be a guest speaker at a monthly meeting for



small business owners

women business owners

with information that will make them more successful, and also touches on your specialty?


What if your business is mainly Online (or in a zillion categories I didn’t mention)? See where this is going?

Could you:

get out on foot and get in touch

get inspired by a new Perspective

be of service to other professionals?


Do something fresh with an hour of down time this week. Maybe you’ll shake your head (“wish I’d known that before”); maybe your hands will shake, if the new activity is scary enough. Maybe you’ll make a new habit, maybe you’ll make new friends. Maybe you’ll turn your marketing on its ear and discover whole new ways to grow your business. Try it this week. Then maybe next week, it’ll be harder to find an hour of down time!

What happens when you step outside your comfort zone during down time? Is it better to rock the boat, or twiddle your thumbs? Tell us what you think!

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson