You Have to Know Where You’re Going to Drive There

Allow me to give brief Driving Directions today: just turn right at Big Bright Bulb, “Ideas and Advice for the Smallest Businesses With the Smallest Budgets,” where I’m delighted to be discussing your Vision with a cool crowd. (Yes, yours! You’d better go!)

You know I’m obsessed with your success, both here at the MCE Blog and at VisionPoints. I had a great time guest-posting about one of the most essential aspects of your small venture for Crystal at Big Bright bulb.

I really connect with the message at Bx3—that there are more resources available right now than ever before for the smallest businesses, who have the agility to be able to run with new ideas before the Big Boys have even made it through exploratory committees. She wants to be a hub for microbusiness tips and tools, and she’s on her way. Crystal realized that one way to make my comments shorter was to ask if I’d like to write a guest post, and I jumped at the chance.


As Crystal says, “Whether you agree heartily, disagree with vigor, or are kinda meh about it, leave a comment so we can all know how you feel.”

See you there!

Thanks, Crystal.

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson