The Cake That Took Six Months to Bake

100th birthday cake

Image by Vidiot

It all started with a baker’s dozen, 13 articles on Experience Design. Nearly six months later, the Maximum Customer Experience Blog blows out the 100th candle, and slowly but surely gathers a loyal band of readers, from business owners, to entrepreneurs, to writers, designers, and friends, and the category we all fall into: Customers, discussing Experience together.

I took my time with it, and I hope that’s worked for you. Thanks, dear reader, for taking a few minutes from your busy day to read, comment, and share the MCE Blog. Without you, it’s just a journal.

It’s My Party, So…

A round-up at a blog birthday is about as traditional as thanking your Mom and Dad at the Oscars, and I love a good tradition. Without further ado:


Top 7 Most Viewed Posts

1. Tip of the Week: Be Transparent, or, (One More Reason) Why I Heart Jeff Bezos

2. What’s Hot Now: 39 Inspirations With Sticking Power

3. 7 Secrets of McDonald’s Customer Experience

4. Leonardo DiCaprio Sent Me a Letter Today

5. Repeat After Me: I Do Not Need a Logo

6. Why TypePad Doesn’t Want Your Comments

7. Experience Design 101 (This is the one that started it all, folks, so if you feel like starting from the beginning, enjoy.)


Top 7 Search Terms

1. McDonald’s 90 second guarantee (*sigh* Not what one hopes to be known for)

2. Customer pain points

3. Kelly Erickson (People find me that way? They must be trying pretty hard)

4. Restaurant

5. McDonald’s secrets (I’m sensing a theme here)

6. Target Experience Design

7. Internal stakeholders


7 Strangest Search Terms, aka, The Long Tail at work

1. “i like to look at things upside down” (You, too?)

2. .typepad martinis (I’m sure this had to be a disappointment)

3. babes (Thank you)

4. cheese customer experience blog (Cheesy, sometimes…)

5. Manage Customer Experience Kelly (Yup)

6. Kelly Erickson Dallas (Nope)

7. Kelly Erickson sugar (Wrong again)


Kelly’s 7 Favorite Posts

1. When Is Experience: New York All You’d Expect From Paris?

2. Plain-English: “Pain Points” in Experience Design

3. Inspiration Points: Unapproachably Great

4. Lyndon’s Window

5. Tip of the Week: What Would a Kid Say?

6. Key Concepts in Experience Design

7. The Web Is a Great Big Yellow Pages and Five Other Tech Truths Your Customers Won’t Tell You


7 Things Your Small Business Needs for Maximum Customer Experience

1. Vision

2. Direction

3. Strategic research

4. Emphasis on the Details

5. Friends & Family

6. Propheteers

7. Innovation

& Integrated Experience Design!


Keep coming back, folks. As Lou Reed sings, it’s the Beginning of a Great Adventure. Glad you’re here.

And thanks, Mom and Dad.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson

The Biggest P.S. in Blogging History:

7  13  All the Bloggers Who Rock This Customer’s Experience Every Time

(and a link to the one article you must not miss from each)

Amy, Write From Home

Brett, 6 Weeks

Brian, Copyblogger (without whom you might not be reading this)

Caroline, Caroline Middlebrook

Charlie, Trust Matters

Crystal, Big Bright Bulb

Darren, ProBlogger

David, Change Order

Harry, Men With Pens

Jacob, Just Creative Design

James, Men With Pens

Mark, Unconventional Thinking Blog

Mike, Simplenomics

Naomi, IttyBiz

Paul, Idea Sandbox

Scott, HELLO, My Name Is BLOG

Seth, Seth Godin’s Blog

Tim, Planning Startups Stories


For inspiring me, for challenging me, for your breathtaking insights, and most of all, for your humor. Thank you guys.

Looking for just the right thing for MCE’s birthday? Comment today, comment often, and subscribe to the Maximum Customer Experience Blog. The gift of your comments is precious to me.