Night Lights

Don’t tell me the thrill is gone at 9 pm!

Why should you light your office or shop beautifully after hours?

  • To draw Attention
  • To add Interest
  • To create Desire

If this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s three-fourths of the most widely-used acronym in Marketing: AIDA.

Attract Attention, Provoke Interest, Stimulate Desire, Lead or “call” to Action.

Sexy? Sure. You’re helping customers fall in love with what you offer.

You can’t exactly issue a call to Action when you’re closed, but you can be memorable at a time when almost no one else is. As I drive home in the dark after putting in extra hours at work, along a road brightened only by an occasional restaurant or convenience store, you have my attention all to yourself. A perfect opportunity to think about Experience Design: One more touchpoint, one more invitation to choose your Solution.

It’s a minimal cost if done properly. Just highlight your signage, your inviting entrance, and a display window or two. Use efficient, dramatic spotlights, rather than a garish service-station-look.

Do it because no one else is doing it, and I will remember you when I pass by in the morning. It’s a little smile at the end of a long day, at a time when the mind wanders and the quiet allows messages to speak more clearly.

It’s a call to take Action with your company the next chance I get.

Ever fallen for a beautiful shop driving home from dinner or work? How did that sight make you feel?

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson