Faster Than a Speeding *yawn*

If you’re bored, get out. Take an afternoon off; read a new perspective; ask a colleague for an honest opinion; take a trip. Your boredom is infectious, so stand on your head, if you have to, until you find the cure. Get back the thrill of pleasing others—that’s what you do for a living. Now envision the future, and plan to take your business there.

If your staff is bored, lead. Don’t set out new directions and expect everyone to fall in line. It won’t happen. Instead, ask questions; listen to the answers; craft direction and improvements together; find ways to draw out the inner leader in each employee. You can’t drag your company kicking and screaming into exciting new growth opportunities. Everybody has to pick up their own little corner, and want to move forward with you. This is what has so many people baffled about Starbucks’ 2008 initiatives. Do their staff, their internal stakeholders, even care?

If your customers are bored, move fast. You don’t have time for someday, when new companies crop up every day waiting to understand and delight your customer in ways you don’t currently care about. Start caring. As a local business owner said to me recently, boring your customers is an insult. An insult to their time, used to visit you; an insult to their loyalty; an insult to their intelligence.

How do you kick boredom when it grabs you?

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson