What Does This Company Sell?


Naming is a topic that deserves a lot of attention. We’re really going to get into it here in the not-too-distant future.

I’m not going to give it what it deserves today.

In fact, you may notice that I’m kinda stringing it out right now.

You know what this company sells, right? At first the truck was almost a quarter-mile in front of me, and I knew what they sell.

My kid knew what they sell.

We got closer, and the brains no longer saw the truck, having determined that its meaning was understood. We moved on to discuss the cherry blossoms lining the streets, the new signage on a favorite store, and what kind of clamp we’d buy when we got to the hardware store.

We’re working on a miniature fireplace, and the itty bitty mouldings for the mantel required a specialty clamp to hold their mitres while the wood glue dried.

It’s the final fireplace for the house. Covered in itty bitty stone. The mantel’s being stained a beautiful chestnut. Really gorgeous. I wondered aloud whether we’d have enough time to get the wiring done to light it up tonight.

There was a lot of traffic when we went out. Right at rush hour. Not the time to realize you have to go anywhere, not if you live in a megalopolis.

I don’t think “megalopolis” gets enough use in the blogosphere. “Blogosphere,” on the other hand, gets far too much use.

The faster you need to get back to a project, the slower the forty cars and trucks in front of you, right?

We must have hit every single red light in Delaware. This, traffic engineers will tell you, was to pace us. Boy, was I paced. Ugh.

We talked about whether we should have a nice chili-rice bake for dinner, and settled on leftovers instead. I sang a bit of “Gold Dust Woman,” which was playing when we left home, and got stuck in my head. I think there was some complaining, which I ignored. “Did she make you cry/ Make you break down/ Shatter your illusions of love?”

I just finished creating a new playlist for car and home, inspired by Jonathan Fields’ state-altering playlist at Awake at the Wheel. Mine’s quite a bit different. I’ve noticed it’s not all G-rated, and I wonder if my kid will be forever damaged by Mama howling along to “Running With the Devil” and “You May Be Right.” They may not alter her state in exactly the same way as they alter mine. Hmm.

Finally, we pulled into the parking lot, right behind the same truck.

Which is when I finally read the rest, as I was spacing out.

I think I’ve spaced this out enough that you had to scroll, which was my intention.


TIP: Do not give your business a name that is misleading. What a waste of the single most important ad you’ll ever write!

Have you seen one that misled you like this? How does yours tell me what you sell, or interest me in knowing more about your company?

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson