Thank You,

Yeah, we’re going a bit OT today. If you don’t want to get Whacky, come back next time.

The world is a cruel place, and my fabulous readers have found that out this week. In spite of some stellar efforts that made my stats (which I really don’t obsess over, Tei) do cartwheels, not a one of you has left the required quotation in the comments of last Thursday’s amazing review of a life-altering work of non-fiction.

You won’t mind my telling you, stats or not I was miffed.

Plus amazon wants my money, because Jeff Bezos and I are like this, and he’s been watching the (distinct lack of) drama.

What to do? Sad for an Experience Designer to admit, but this Experience has not resulted in a giggly winner jumping up and down.

Until now?

I woke up today at an excruciating hour, and remembered somebody mentioning this cool random number generator which they used on their blog to give away something. Hey, I’ve got something I can’t give away! Perfect! I got up, I hunted it down, and looked at the number of comments on my review last week.

I typed “18” into the random number generator. No snickering, for a very niche blog I think that’s a nice number.

I’m not 6 Weeks or Men With Pens or even the occasionally very wild Writing Forward (thanks, Friar), but I love my commenters, because you’re smart and you make me think, as well as letting me make you think a bit. (Who says I can’t link out purely for fun?)

It’s decided: I’ll give A Whack on the Side of the Head to the commenter whose number comes up, since y’all found better things to do this week than to locate this reference to my age, on a post which followed and mentioned my birthday:

What’s that? Oh, thanks. Don’t look a day over 38 3/4, do I?”

That post has been restored to its former glory, so the reference to my age is no more. It has been there all week, though, you hunters. No crying that it was too difficult.

I Bet You Think This Song Is About You, Don’t You?

I typed in “18.” Yeah, I said that already. I hit “Go,” or whatever their button said. It spits it out: 11.

I count down, 1, 2, 3,… oh, darn, the eleventh comment is my own. This could get sticky, since I leave quite a few comments.

I tried again. Didn’t you read the title?

Number 10, you may stand up. And for those of you who are sick of this tease, it’s that Quebecer who was the only one to jump up and down at all in those comments, so it sorta seems fair anyway, even though he was wrong and then got Bright Shiny Object Syndrome and forgot to get it right.


Mr. Chartrand, if you feel like emailing me a secret post-office box address that you only keep for a week so I won’t send you flowers daily after this, I’ll talk to Jeff and we’ll get that book right out to you. ‘Cuz I’m not going to disappoint Roger.


The rest of you? Buy the book already. It will alter the way you look at your world. No kidding.

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson