When a Third-Grader Can Do It Better, Please, Fire Your Marketing People

Have you heard about my love of champagne, which last week I attempted to combine with my love of a good discount?

Only it wasn’t a good discount. Click here to read about it. It’s real short, I’ll wait.

Are you back already? Wow, you read fast.

So my kid, who is vaguely aware of my love of bubbles in green bottles, says to me last night when I tell her of the unused coupon,

They should have just called it 15 bucks off $110. They get the same amount of money, but you would have bought three bottles to get that, Mama.”

The kid knows me too well. Without ever reading last week’s Tip, she sees the problem and a great solution. (Slightly flawed, since I would have skipped red lights for $95 bucks off $190, which no longer makes business sense. She used her common sense to come up with a workable number.)

It’s worth revisiting.

Create incentives people will jump over their grannies to use. Or their nine-year-olds.

From the mouths of babes, part 3. You can read part 1 here, and part 2 is here.

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson