This Is How I Know My Readers Are Brilliant


“What would you ask your customer about your store?”

Yes, word for word, that was a term that helped a dear reader arrive at the Maximum Customer Experience Blog last week. Thanks, I love that question, and those that follow. I think they’re worthy of direct answers.


If I could ask my customer about my store, I’d ask:

1. How did you find us?

2. What was the first thing you noticed today?

3. What would you add? (This is the positive phrasing of “What are we missing.” Try not to ask questions that spin your own story in a negative way.)

The Big Take-Away Point:

You can!

Go ahead, walk with a few customers as they shop today. Ask if you can help; be truly helpful; then ask if they’d take a moment to help you. Ask your 3 questions. Respect your customer’s time; take just a moment.

Write down the answers, and learn from them.


“When do companies need to know customer’s perception?”



“When to walk away from pushing a change at work?”

I expect plenty of comments on this one.

For the sake of argument, I’m going to assume this change is aligned with the company’s overall Vision, and is geared toward helping your Ideal Customer. If not, then the answer is walk away now.

I’m also going to assume you mean, initiating a change, because that is something you can do. “Pushing” change always fails.

With those assumptions: Walk away when it jeopardizes a job you love or can’t do without, if you’re an employee. If you’re The Big Cheese: Make the changes your company needs. Be a leader. Don’t walk away from that responsibility.


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