Because the Road to Hell Is Really Paved With Indecision*

“Everything I’ve done with my blog design is intentional,” Chris Brogan wrote last month.

This got me thinking about more than what he intended in that very fine post.

Can you make an unintentional choice? For that matter, isn’t indecision also intentional?

You may get unintended consequences, but if we’re free beings then all our decisions—and decisions not-to-decide—are intentional.

As an Experience Designer, I help clients define their Purpose toward the beginning of a project. Ideally, this is a focused, carefully crafted statement defining your Vision and the direction your company will take to get there. It involves research into your current position and aggressive planning for the future.

Even if you haven’t reached that ideal yet, your Purpose is still there. You have a Vision, however misty, and you are going in a direction.

What are you doing? You are letting others write your story. Intentionally.

Whether you take an active role in planning for growth or let circumstances wash over you, that’s a decision you make. It’s your intention.

The consequences are more likely to go your way if you know which Way is yours.

Tip: Write your own story. Define your Purpose, intentionally.

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson

*“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

—NOT Samuel Johnson

If you want to geek out for a minute, there’s an interesting discussion of the mis-quotation at the Samuel Johnson Sound Bite page.