Q: What’s Sweet and Blissful and Makes It Hard to Imagine Problems in the Future?

A: Your Brand-New Blog

A lot of you who are small business owners are considering starting up a blog right now. You’ve read what an important tool it can be for creating community and you are hungry for advice on whether to do it or not.

This Tip will not tell you whether to start a blog or not. Why? A blog is an very big commitment. For those of you who don’t think the work of owning a puppy is worth it, a good blog that has the fortune to be well-read takes more time than that. (It does shed less, thank goodness.) Better to be an awesome commenter and enjoy your reading than to add writing to the mix. I can’t tell you if you should start writing a blog. (Well, I could, but not here. There’s a lot about you I don’t know.)

If you’re further along, you’re reading about taking the plunge, and you’re thinking about blog platforms. I like at least a couple of them, including the one I am with now (TypePad), though I am leaving them within the next few days.

This Tip is not about which platform (CMS) to choose. There are pros and cons with any blog platform. That’s what you read ProBlogger for.

You’ve decided to start? You’ve narrowed it down to one or two platforms you’re seriously considering? Then you are ready for the one piece of advice you need today:

Tip: Get your own domain name from the start. It will save you a bunch of headaches later.

How do I know? See the “.typepad” up there in my URL? I can’t take it with me…

It’s a small detail that you will thank me for insisting on later. You’ve got a lot of choices to make if you’re a new blogger. Let me make this one for you. Own your domain name from day one.

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson