crazysexycool* We’ve got it all here today!


The dust isn’t settled on this move yet. I spent 10 hours yesterday after my regular work, putting the finishing touches on the new, improved Maximum Customer Experience Blog, getting ready to invite you all in. I envisioned a quiet evening of making feeds and stats function for tonight. In the wee small hours of Tuesday morning, I headed over to Technorati to tell it that is open for business, when what to my wondering eyes should appear…

Ho Ho Ho!

… but a ping from Jacob Cass, and eight tiny reindeer! Is this what would happen if Santa came early—a surprised look, and a desperate scrambling to make things ready?

Loyal MCE readers, I planned to tell you about this road trip on Thursday, but my favorite Australian graphic designer/ blogger/ European gadabout moved the publish date up on the q.t. and caught me entirely by surprise.

If you don’t know Jacob yet, he’s a great writer, a wonderful resource for easy-to-understand graphic design tips and tricks, and a man with a huge career in front of him. I am frequently in awe of his ability to pare both writing and design to their perfect essence. Our blogs were born only a week apart, so I am also frequently… jealous.  🙂


To stir the pot over at JCD, I’ve written an article called Dudes and Dolls and Design Decisions.  Oh, yeah, let’s talk about sex. Jacob calls it “unusually quirky and informative.” Gee, thanks.

Now y’all go tell him, it might be quirky, but that’s not unusual for me! Please click over there, and leave plenty of comments so Jacob will know you opinionated folks stopped in while he was busy being a bon vivant on the Continent.

And Welcome!

Welcome, fellow Just Creative Design readers. Please pardon the dust and have a look around. The “Best of” links in the sidebar are a great place to begin to get a feel for Maximum Customer Experience—right after you’ve said Hello in the comments, of course!

I hope you’ll love the blog, and subscribe to become part of our community. Then the next time I put out the call to my opinionated readers, you’ll be right there to answer it!


Thanks, Jacob. I’ve said it a few times already, and I’ll say it again. I hope your vacation is unforgettable.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson

*Grammy-winning album by TLC, three dolls with… what rhymes with dolls?