How Much Do You Spend on Entertaining Yourself?

Twelve bucks for a movie. Seventy for your cable bill. A hundred for a rockin’ haircut or an awesome pair of shoes. Fifty for a massage, twenty for a facial. Fifty or (a lot) more to see your favorite sports team. CDs, DVDs, a night on the town…

All so you can smile for a while, entertain yourself, maybe feel one with the world.

I got you beat.

You ARE going to have a marvelous Monday and rock another Customer’s Experience right now

Here’s what you do:

Get in your car.

Drive to your local McDonald’s. Get in the drive through lane.

Go healthy like I do if you want—order a plain bagel. No guilt later about Mickey D’s breakfast.

Pull out your debit card to pay, and here’s the important part:

Say to the cashier, “Hey, can you do me a favor? Swipe that card twice. I’d like to pay for the person behind me.”

There will be consternation. First they’ll assume it’s a friend of yours. You’ll explain that you’ve never seen the person before; you feel like being nice.

Then they’ll think you’re trying to pick the person up. You’ll smile and say nope, just felt like it. I knew it would make her day, and maybe someday she’ll do it for someone else.

They may ask if you’ve won the lottery. Just say, “It’s a McDonald’s breakfast. How much can it set me back? I wanted to give someone a smile.”

I’m not saying they’ll be reluctant. They’re making small talk. Because believe it or not at some McDonalds’ doing this will require a password, that the manager has to come type in. Do not ask me why.

Pay, get your caffeine and your bagel, and drive off. You’ll never see the person again. But the person you gave the smile to—surprise!—is in your car right now.

It might be half an hour before you think to look at the receipt. It’s a McDonald’s breakfast that you didn’t eat, and it’s going to give you longer-lasting joy than the last concert you went to. Wondering if she’ll tell a friend when she gets to work. Wondering if you’ll start a movement. Oh, those eyes are twinkling, and then you take a look:


The best money you ever spent.

Now you go off and be a mogul. Lead your own business, and rock your own Customers’ Experiences. It’s a lot easier with a twinkle in your eye.

Go on, I dare ya. (I know you love a dare.) Then come back and leave me a comment. I want to hear how it went for you.

Have a marvelous Monday.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson