A Monday Series

Let’s face it, folks. For some of you, summer is slow. For most of you, summer is hot. For me, at least, summer can get me a bit crazy, wanting action… or a nap. Either one could work.

If you’re burnt-out, antsy, and need to revitalize your attitude as much as your business, this is the series for you. Experience Design for beach-dreaming business owners comes to your summer Mondays.

Summer Is a Great Time to Clear Out the Cobwebs

How long has it been since you really, truly, got down and dirty in your business?

Throw open the windows the next time the thermometer gives you a five-degree break, and declare it supercleaning day. Get the supplies ready (lemony stuff really does give you a psychological lift), and prep your staff in advance. Tell them the target temperature, and make it a bit of unpredictable fun waiting to see when that day will come.

Get out the toothbrushes. Everybody pitches in. (Yes, yes, you’ll be working around your customers. That’s why you’re choosing a slow time of year!) I want you to do the jobs your cleaning staff misses, so your whole store or office will sparkle. Do the gross stuff, like around the toilets, and the why-don’t-we-ever stuff, like the phone receivers. If you all pitch in (home-based entrepreneurs—this is what you had kids for, as my Mom used to say), you’ll find that the little neglected stuff will make a big difference in your pride, you’ll get a peculiar burst of camaraderie, customers will notice “there’s something different,” and they’ll appreciate it; best of all, it will not take you all day.

Last but not least: Buy a quart of paint. Something a little… different. Do one small touch—the obnoxious pole in the center of the room that you can’t move; the door frames; the front of the receptionist’s desk; the men’s room walls. You don’t have to be an artist to add a special touch with a bit of paint, and it will cap off your cobweb-clearing day with a visual reminder for everyone to walk by: a totem of the pride you all have in your work.

When you’re done, head on home, and take that nap. You deserve it.

What tips would you suggest for clearing out the cobwebs? What other benefits are there in having a supercleaning day?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson