(Lady on phone to cell-phone company, having lunch at Einstein’s)

What will you do that’s gonna make me stay?”

The bar’s high, people.

Or is it low?

Your customers are skeptical. There are customers who want you to provide delight, and then there’s this lady. Depending on your industry, there may be thousands lined up behind her. At this point she’s not looking for delight. She’ll take a discount or some other special offer, but what I heard in her voice says it’s not what she’s looking for.

She wants to know somebody at this company cares.

As an Experience Designer, I want to know that your whole “company” cares—that you’ve selected only caring people to help grow your business, and instilled them with the desire to be your very finest brand ambassadors. I don’t think she’s anywhere near that picky.

Maybe at this point compensation for whatever damages she feels she’s endured is necessary, but in this conversation or in one shortly before it, all her frustration could have been defused by talking with someone who saw the problem from her point of view, and acted accordingly.

Tip: Figure out what you’re gonna do that’ll make customers stay. Get that firmly in place. Then start raising the bar.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson