or, Why Does Naming Matter?

One of the most overlooked areas for the start-up or expanding business is the issue of naming. Whether it’s the name of your firm, the name of a product or service you offer, or the name of a new division as you expand, give this aspect the attention it deserves and many other planning issues will be halfway to solved.

When I wrote The Simplest Way to Avoid Naming Disasters, I promised you we’d really get into the topic. Let’s go.

Naming your business is a lot like naming your child. Bambi is nice if you’re a deer, but for people it communicates something you may not want your child to convey when she’s 38 and trying to climb the corporate ladder. Does the name confine her to the receptionist’s desk? I don’t want that for your firm, so we need some ground rules for considering your first and most important intellectual asset.

In this three-part series we’ll examine the importance of naming and the crucial research and development issues surrounding your choice, the avoidable naming mistakes that will cost your firm time and money, and take a look at some great examples of the good and the bad in naming the Big Boys. (Hint: For all the money they spend, you can do better than some of them!)

Why does naming matter? Because it’s the most important ad you’ll ever write.

Naming 101: Links to the complete series:

Part 1: What’s in a Name?

Part 2: Do Not Name Your Business After Yourself & 7 Other Blunders

Part 3: The Hall of Fame, the Hall of Shame, and How’d They Manage With That?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson