This week we’ve been talking about choosing a great name to grow your business and creating or revamping your logo to power you forward. Last point on these related topics, for the do-it-yourselfers and for those about to hire a design firm:

No System Fonts

Nothing says “cheap” like using the typefaces that came bundled with your Mac or PC to “uniquely brand” your company, or worse, letting your designer do it.

Your identity deserves better. No system fonts in logos, period.

Seven type resources your designer knows about, that you should check out for yourself:

MyFonts (Kelly’s favorite)


Font Brothers



Font Bureau

Some sell faces by lots of type designers, some only sell their own. There are loads of other sites. These are just a few to get you started thinking about the enormous world of type.


After you’ve clicked around you’ll realize that one typeface will not break the bank. Make sure the typeface you choose is less-well-known, so it can distinguish you from every other business using Sand or Papyrus or Times New Roman, and make sure you choose type that fits with your Vision for the company.

Bonus: I admit to being a type geek. When P22’s type newsletter arrived in my inbox last week, I checked out their new face, RTF Stern, eagerly. (It’s gorgeous.) But a YouTube video about “the making of” Stern? No, I wouldn’t click. Too silly. I couldn’t click. Should I click?

I did. The cool jazz! The hot metal! Delightful. Check it out:

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson