You Can’t Really See What They See Until You…

Put yourself into your customer’s shoes.

Use your online forms; try to complete an order; call customer service; shop your store anonymously; eat your own food.

If you’ll be recognized by staff, just put on a mental “disguise,” telling yourself that you are a customer; looking, walking, touching where they would.

Experience your business they way they do.

Can you do it?

Is it easy? Can your Mom do it?

What does it smell like, look like, sound like?

Is it a delight?

Is it remarkable?

Get another Perspective by asking a customer.

Take notes. Make changes. Wait one month. Repeat.

What happens to your powers of observation when you walk through your business “disguised” as a customer?

What are the customer’s priorities? Are they yours?

On Monday, what part of your Experience is more obvious to your customers in the summer, that you may not notice at all? Let’s walk a special mile.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson