A Monday Series

I took a long drive along the East Coast on Saturday, and noticed that a few flirtatious trees are turning color already, whispering that autumn is nearly here. Today, my kid goes back to school. If the summer heat still calls you as it does me, saying, where did all the time go? remember that some of those dog days were wisely used to:

Clear Out the Cobwebs

Smile for the Birdie

Have a New Logo Designed

Get My Kids Involved

Read at the Beach

Walk the Grounds

and Log In to the online Experience you offer your customers.

If you’re burnt-out, antsy, and need to revitalize your attitude as much as your business, this is the series for you. Experience Design for beach-dreaming business owners comes to your summer Mondays.

Summer Is a Great Time to Save With Quality Cheats Your Customers Won’t Mind

Time to get off the computer, and have a look around your place—if you’re a startup or an expanding small business owner, the sweetest music this summer is the sound of saving money on your interiors without putting a dent in your Customer Experience.

Here are my top 3 cheats—watch out, you’ll be tempted to spend too much!

1.  Lighting fixtures

Don’t get “cheap and ugly.” Get “industrial and minimalist,” and call it a design decision. Savings: 50% or more.

BUT… Have as much lighting as possible, especially natural lighting.

2.  Office furniture anywhere customers won’t meet with you

Tables, desks, and shelving are for using, not impressing, when you’re a startup business or small business owner. Go used. Go utilitarian.

BUT… Treat your staff to the best seating you can afford—even better than clients get—they’ve got to sit all day every day and love it.

3.  Storage

Here’s where you go cheap and ugly. Save money for where it shows!

BUT… If it bugs you, let your more creative staff members loose for an evening of faux painting the filing cabinets and kitchen cabinets.

Where Quality Counts: Skimp at Your Own Risk!

1.  Cleaning

Spotless is worth more than any other Customer Experience improvement, and with great lighting it will show even more.

2.  Anything customers will feel

The sense of touch is a large part of purchasing decisions.

3.  Seating

Though staff deserves the best, even in public areas this is often neglected. You need—more, sturdier, more comfortable, better looking. A fresh coat of paint or stain and a covering with fabric that’s from this millennium will do wonders for sturdy seats from days gone by.

4–28. More quality details you don’t want to miss.


What would you add? Where else can we cheat on quality without affecting Customer Experience?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson