Wednesday Words

To Go Where Your VisionPoints, a few inspiration points for you and your business.

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.
—Bill Gates

Your intrepid Experience Designer spent a good portion of yesterday wading in health insurance doo-doo. And oh, some of it was deep.

No matter what country or continent, we all think there must be a better way than the one we have, because when someone’s health is the issue, every problem is magnified, and every insensitivity seems to be a major insult. I was calm and patient (yes, I was!), trying to tell folks how to help me, but I was repeatedly shut down in my efforts to make my day go faster and all of our time go more smoothly.

It isn’t the only industry (I’m thinking of cable companies and cell phone carriers, in addition to moguls who make hard-to-install mice), but what amazes me is, why would any industry want to ignore the most vocal of Experience Design teachers, the unhappy customers?

When you’re happy you probably don’t stop to offer tips on how a company can repeat that experience or follow-up effectively. But when you have been mishandled? You’re full of ideas, right?

If you are an owner or a manager, or even a cog, watch for these folks. Listen intently, and learn. See their problem as your opportunity.

Anyone willing to stop and talk to you, hasn’t completely written you off yet. Thank them. Then get to work.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson