The Four-Day Work Week

Many local New Jersey government offices began instituting 4-day work weeks in July. Same number of hours worked, but on four, 10-hour days.

I love it—less gas use, less pollution, even less traffic. Great for the Earth.

Employees love it—more time at home. Don’t have to feel funny asking for personal times for appointments, etc. Saves gas money. Great for their families.

At first they claimed it was a temporary move, but they love the happier employees and increased productivity (that’s right, longer work days and increased productivity!). Now it seems many may keep the schedule even though gas prices have headed back down.

Bravo, New Jersey municipalities. I hear some other states are catching on to it, too.

Could your company do something so simple with so many levels of good to it? What’s stopping you?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson