Or Inspire, or Just Learn Some Manners

September clouds, north of Wilmington, Delaware

The sky above my head, earlier this week. How’s that for inspiration?

Teaching, informing, collaborating. You’re doing it all day. Why not think a bit more deeply, and try to inspire?

This is the story of an Experience Designer who tries to do just that all the time, and the time when she wasn’t trying.

I sincerely love the work of many of my friends online and off. This is how I became friends with them, for the most part. Through the Mutual Admiration Society.

Apparently, if you take this too far, you may cause someone to start a new blog.

I love curmudgeonly blogs on being delightfully old-fashioned and proper. I say you go for it and allow the ragged people to feign being posh. Disturb the status quo, old man. I shall be your first email-sub.
—Yes, folks, that’s how I talk when invited to a party at Rogue Ink.

Nick Cernis is one of the wittiest people I know, the author of the always spot-on Put Things Off blog. I’d gladly read his grocery lists, that’s how brilliant his writing is. A bit of musing aloud from him, then a few wee words of abject flattery from myself and Rogue Ink author Tei Lindstrom, and the man is off and running. He’ll inspire you, too—not just with his brand new blog, 44forks, but with his can-do attitude. He says, jump in and start the venture you want now. Then by golly, he shows us how it’s done.

Check out 44forks’ About Page. Nick had me grinning from ear to ear.

Yes, there is a lesson here:

You can’t control when the inspiration is going to “take,” or for whom. So work at pushing and inspiring your colleagues and friends every day.

Heck, I wasn’t even trying hard, but I’ll take a tiny bit of credit by saying it’s part of my nature. Is it part of how you operate?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson

Hmm. You still here? Well, after you leave a comment, go on, get over to 44forks. Tell Nick that Kelly sent you. We’ll all feign being posh together.