Time to Get Off Your A**, It’s a Commitment Post

Why is everyone more excited to get customers from around the globe than from around the bend?

I’m not objecting to far-flung clients, for me or for you. Of course not. Especially not if you were just about to shoot me an email.   🙂

I’ve got a thought, though. Is “global” the new word for “not ready to commit fully”? The way “home business” used to mean “not committed to job-hunting”?

What is “I’ll take customers from anywhere”? Is there something wrong with taking customers from your home town, state, or region? Is it a fear of coming in contact with customers face-to-face? Is it fear of specializing?

Because if it is, then commit. Shout out loud, in your own backyard, about your business. Local is the new global, and we small business owners are poised to re-take our communities if we’d just stop shying away from f2f.

Get people you know (I mean “know,” as in “are acquainted with in the real world”) to sound the trumpets for you. They’ll do it best, because they care. And you? Get out. Especially you work-from-home entrepreneurs who are always saying how isolating your work is. Find local clients—take a meeting with them—and get out of the house!

Let the mega-companies fight over global business in this lurching and wrenching economy. Do what they can’t do, my small-business-owner friends, and do it well.

Shake hands.

Can you think of one move you could make this week to promote your business locally? Please share in the comments, so others can use our ideas in their own home towns!


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson