Brave New World…

Email Subject Lines

Think about connections, connectedness, being linked together, synchronicity, serendipity, community, oneness.

Liz Strauss asked. I thought about it. Amy Derby asked again. I thought about it.

“Connected” used to be a metaphysical thing to me (which I agreed with, in my zen-like way). Now it’s so real. Email anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Sometimes, more connected than I want to be. Sometimes businesslike, sometimes personal, sometimes, even raw. Yes. We are all connected, and I try to keep my emails as full of my personality as if I were there to shake your hand or touch your shoulder before speaking.

For me, it starts with the subject line.

In 25 Words:

Email subject like a bow on a present
My feelings summed up in keystrokes, commanding you:
Smile! Laugh! Miss me?
Open with a grin, dear.

Are you connected, too? Find your own way to say it in exactly 25 words, then visit the 25 Words That Connect Us Project to join in!


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson