Sticklers vs. Slackers: The Maximum Customer Experience Battle

Re-learn the picky, little things that get noticed when times are tough

When times are great, some of you don’t worry too much about MAXIMUM Customer Experience. I know who you are, and I know you’re reading this. You’d like to deliver better-than-average CE; you’re even willing to exceed an expectation or two here and there.

News flash: The fewer dollars I have to go around (or the fewer I feel like I have…) the more I want the WOW. Or I’m not parting with my bucks.

Or… I’ll give ‘em to someone who seems to care more than you do.

What’s that? You care very much, and you deliver an awesome product or service that speaks for itself?

My bucks are going to someone who seems to care more than you. What you believe (“we care”) and what I see (“you’re sloppy”) aren’t always the same. Sticklers work to get the Perception of the public aligned with their internal Purpose all the time. That’s at the core of Experience Design.

Nothing speaks for itself when I’m choosing between your restaurant and a tank of gas; between your sneaker store and the one 100 feet away in the mall; between your cleaning service and finally scrubbing my floors myself… or letting them go. So speak up in all your interactions.

Maximum Customer Experience is more important than ever right now.

Sticklers are obsessed. They know how to go beyond good, beyond exceeding a few expectations, to redefine the expectations. How?

What Sticklers do (and you can, too)

Wear suits

Speak well, write well, spell well

Notice the details of their operations

Keep fresh (get inspired)

Write thank-yous

LEAD FEARLESSLY. (If you’re doing all of the above, you’re on your way to leading already.)

Yes. In a recession, you should “stickle” to wow your clients and prospects, and to get the edge over your competition. Then maybe, as we pull out of this slowdown, you should keep on being a stickler.

Because the truth is, your customers always notice your attention to the picky little things. You just don’t notice them noticing, until there are fewer customers.

Are you looking for a competitive edge? Have you tried being more professional than the other guys?

What other “stickler” elements do you notice when you’re choosing a store, a restaurant, a service provider?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson

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