Forget They’re Looky-Lous

I’ve been hearing a lot about businesses with sullen customer service—there are more “looky-lous” than ever right now, saying “no, thanks, just looking.” When an actual buyer shows up, the staff is so sick of calls and visits and proposals that go nowhere, that they grump at the guy with money, expecting to lose another sale.

That’s how to lose one!

Tip: Treat them all like they might become your biggest customer.

I say “might become,” for those of you who may take your own biggest customers for granted. Woo your prospect, woo your customer. Seduce them. Pretend it’s not a sure thing, because folks, it isn’t. Nobody has to stay with you because they’ve been with you forever, and your buyers are acutely aware of that right now.

That’s the same advice I gave before the economy became a roller coaster.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson

P.S. Things move so fast right now—when I began this post I was going to say, “it seems to be a particular problem in B2B” (business to business). A week after I began thinking about it, I’m hearing about this problem in retail, too.

Have you felt brushed off or ignored since the global recessionary woes have deepened when shopping, dining, or selecting a service provider? Are you sensing staff are so sure you won’t buy, they don’t try to earn your business like they once did?

Do staff do this where you work?

And just to make this P.S. a little longer: If this is The New Customer Experience that many companies seem to want to provide, aren’t we (in our workday capacities) creating our own recession?