Are Your Clients Worried?

I’m lucky to have a lot of B2B readers.

You provide a service or a product for other businesses or entrepreneurs, and those clients are worried now. I see a recovery, waiting in the wings. They don’t see three feet in front of them.

They’re worried sick, some of them. They’re cutting back frantically, and one of the places they’re cutting back is in working with you.

I know, and I am sorry about it. When panic hits, reason runs. That great service you provide, the great products you offer… they’re just not sure whether they need you, or whether they should “wait things out.”

“Let’s see where ‘this’ goes.”

“Not sure how we’re handling our budget right now.”

Well, all right.

There are other fish in the sea.

Fewer fish, but ones who still understand how much they stand to benefit from what you offer.

What can you do?

For starters, forget about the possibility of looky-lous. Expect success with every potential client.

You can’t staunch the bleeding for your clients’ businesses. You can’t tell them where “this” goes, even though the answer is “up,” and you can’t help them get sure about their budget.

Just do your work, do it better than ever, and stick a smile on your face.

When the recovery comes roaring out of the wings, you’ll have some very happy customers spreading the word about you. Now’s the time to turn customers into Propheteers.

Oh, and yes. I know you were wondering—this is partly a pep talk from me to me. I can’t staunch the bleeding, especially not for folks who don’t hire us.

So I’m making sure we do what we do for our clients, better than ever. You do the same.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson

P.S. If you’re in the U.S., VOTE TOMORROW. [Insert flag-waving comment about our freedoms and rights and how very lucky we are, here.]