One Is the Loneliest Number. So Let’s Call It Twelve

(With a Special Request for You, Dear Reader, in the Post Script)

One year ago today, Kelly Erickson boldly sent a little post out into the world, launching the Maximum Customer Experience Blog.

Twelve months have flown by, and my world is forever changed. Lucky, lucky me.

Experience Design. What is it all about? And why do you need it? That’s been the mission of MCE, to answer those two questions, one little tease at a time. If you get the essence of your blog-writing down to two sentences you will never wonder what to write about, I guarantee you. In a year, I’ve rarely strayed.

Without further ado, the lists of twelves.

Note: I get a great number of searches, perfectly pinpointed to our discussions, coming here for exactly the right things: Customer Experience, Experience Design, Pain Points, Growing Your Small Business, and others. Let’s not talk about those, because they are not silly enough and it’s a birthday party!

Kelly in party dress with purple suede boots

Hang on a minute, I have to put my partyboots on. Yes, friends, as some of you have long suspected, I really own purple suede boots.

12 Long Tail Search Terms That Real (Strange) People Used to Come to This Site

1.  “kelly erickson” “paws” (He or she spent over 8 minutes on the site, people, because y’know, I am all about paws here! Can you say “sticky search term”?)

2.  navel angst (Glad I could help… I think…)

3.  open fire grow maximum client (Chestnuts roast there sometimes, too.)

4.  when you are still a wimp as an adult (Grow balls. I have no other advice.)

5.  handsome Canadians (I get way too many hits for this term—is it so difficult to walk down the street and see one?)

6.  papier mache dragon trophy (When I’m not all about paws, I am all about papier mache. Oh, yes.)

7.  poptarts/make your own poptart (I am all about… Oh, forget it.)

8.  what happens when libraries close on weekends (Umm, you can’t get books.)

9.  what is the number for brand riffs (If I even knew what you were talking about, this is one I’d consider answering.)

10.  share kelly erikson (I wish you would! Then maybe I could gather more strange terms for my next birthday post! But SPELL IT RIGHT, please…)

11.  sales of mclobster (Brett, you did this to me)

12.  pictures of a person growing to a next level (This frightens me in more ways than I could possibly name)

13.  BONUS: arnie’s artic cat in novar, ontario (HOW can I possibly come up in a search for this?)

12 People Who Would Never Believe I Get Search Engine Traffic From Their Names

1.  Dave Balter (Okay, he’d believe it, I did a couple of posts discussing his brilliance)

2.  Chris Brogan

3.  Naomi Dunford

4.  The Other Kelly Erickson (*sigh,* still #1)

5.  Bill Gates (#2, in number of folks coming here after searching for something about him)

6.  Bob Hoffman

7.  Guy Kawasaki

8.  Brett A. Legree (Is that your middle initial, Brett?)

9.  Taylor Lindstrom

10.  Gordon Ramsay

11.  Lou Reed

12.  Mr. Rogers

12 Topics You Should Never Write About (Unless You Want This Kind of Reader, in Droves)

1.  Giving away the milk for free

2.  Dead mice

3.  Harvey’s

4.  McDonald’s

5.  Peeing on electric fences

6.  Leonardo DiCaprio

7.  Toupees

8.  Never falling in love again

9.  Ersatz anything (Friar…)

10.  Bowling balls (see #7)

11.  Kid Rock

12.  The Yellow Pages

12 People Who’ve Made the Last Twelve Months Funnier, Sweeter, Smarter, and More Inspirational for Me and MCE

(No pushing in line—alpha order, folks)  ::hugs:: and a link to my favorite Customer Experience posts

1.  Amy, Write From Home

2.  Brett, 6 Weeks

3.  Caroline, Caroline Middlebrook and Life Should Feel Good!

4.  Friar, The Deep Friar

5.  Glenn, Customer Service Experience

6.  Graham, Strong White Papers

7.  James, Men With Pens

8.  Janice, Painting a Day

9.  Sonia, Remarkable Communication

10.  Steph, In Other Words

11.  Steve, All This ChittahChattah

12.  Wendi, Life’s Little Inspirations

13.  BONUS 1 (You know I can’t stick to thanking 12 people): Brian, Copyblogger (I’ve said it before, MCE wouldn’t be here without him)

14.  BONUS 2: The Kid

15.  BONUS 3: Mom and Dad

And to all the other folks who really should get a mention here, because I am devoted to you and thrilled that you are devoted to me, a *big, big thank you.*

As a blog author, you, dear reader, are my customer. I strive every day to remember that this “business” is all about you.

The minute I chose to start a blog, I made that choice. From readability to information to entertainment (c’mon, it has to be fun, at least some of the time, right?), I’m here for you. Without each and every reader, this would be nothing more than a diary.

We create Maximum Reader Experience every day, together.

As I blow out the candles on this twelfth month (237th post, for those of you who are keeping track, with a beautiful 2,315 comments), let me tell you what I’m wishing.

I wish for daily Tweets and a million Stumbles.  😉  *ahem* No, seriously…

I wish for wonderful word-of-mouth growth in readers; I wish I could have conversations with more of you here in the comments and as I learn about you back at your own blogs; I wish to help you to flourish in your workaday life, to create the Experience you want for yourself, your colleagues, and your customers. I wish to get your head nodding and to give you an occasional grin.

I wish for your business, your heart, and your mind to grow, and I wish for your person and your family to be well.


My very best regards,

Kelly Erickson

P.S. Writing a birthday post, it seems to me, should be done by a guest poster. At my 100th post I jumped right in with gusto. Here at twelfthmonth, Happy Birthday to Me seems to be causing me fits of self-examination angst, which is nothing like navel angst (unless it is?).

>>So I would love it if you all, my devoted readers, would put a link in your comments today mentioning your favorite post here at MCE. It would be a lovely birthday gift to see what has touched you, helped you, or made your laugh the most. Thanks in advance!<<