… to Some of You, Anyway

Maybe you knew it all along. It’s been said right to my face, yet I never quite believed it. Liz Strauss has just confirmed it, and I have to hand it to her for telling it to me straight. (Liz would never tell it any other way.)

I’m officially an SOB!

Do click on over to meet the other SOBs this week. I’m proudly displaying a little badge (see it down there at the left?) to let you know that I count myself among Liz’s Successful and Outstanding Bloggers now, and that is a very fine birthday present for this Little Blog That Could.

If you aren’t subscribed to Liz’s Successful Blog, well, why not? Her site is a great resource for improving your blog, your other social media skills, and often, for thinking about how to weave this brave new world together with the old, “real” world. Despite being 46% addicted, she keeps this 2.0 thing wonderfully in perspective, which is one of the many reasons I never miss an article.

Now that I’m an SOB, there’ll be no BS at MCE. I reckon I’ll keep on doing things just the way I do, telling it to you straight.

I would never tell it any other way.   😉


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson