In These Trying Times…

(Is anyone besides me sick of that kind of phrasing?)

*ahem* Back to our Tip of the Week.

I’m making out holiday cards right now. Lovely things, all blue and silver and wintry. Not over-the-top expensive, but not cheap either. They came with lined envelopes, which, after getting the cards ready, I began to stuff.

The cards got caught on the lining, pulled it out partway in some cases, caused all sorts of difficulty.

Turns out that in an apparent cost-cutting measure, these envelopes are only partly lined. Just on the flap where you can see it, and a little ways down. That’s why I’m having trouble.

These are no less expensive than last year’s from the same company, with fully lined envelopes, so I’m paying the same for cheaper stuff.

Nowhere on the box does it say, “partly lined envelopes.” “Lined,” it says. I think I’ll call that lying.

They’re a big pain in the tush. If you don’t want me to notice your cost-cutting measures, or at least don’t want me to complain about it, it better function like it used to.

What’s the solution?

Unlined envelopes.

Pass along a little of the savings to me, save a little for the company. Make a splash about it on the back of the box—”saving you a little money to make your holidays bright!” You could even spin it pleasantly and call it a green initiative. Then I wouldn’t think about your profit motivations, which are really none of my business. If you’re in business, you have profit motivations. So do I. Fine.

In these trying times, all the old rules apply.

Don’t cheap out on your customers and ask them to foot the same bill, or your times are going to get a lot more trying next holiday season.

Partly lined envelopes may save money, but unlined envelopes save customers.

I won’t buy from them again.

We all know that times are tough for business. Got any “cost-cutting measures” that you’d like to see companies trying out?

What cheats bug you, and what can concerned businesses get away with?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson