Not sure how the health department feels…

So I’m in a local Burger King the other day. It’s three in the afternoon and the kid and I are starving. We get our food and we sit down to eat in the nearly empty store.

There’s another kid there, a little girl of about six. She’s dressed (so my nine-year-old tells me) like Hannah Montana, of whom I am blessedly ignorant. She seems to be alone. She’s got a Hannah Montana karaoke microphone, and she’s singing and dancing, watching herself in the mirrors that line the walls. Yes, in the Burger King. It’s an odd sight.

I realize after a few minutes, that there’s a cashier with a lot of interest in her. Keeps leaning out over the counter, peeking, then going back to whatever she needs to do. “That must be Mom,” I say to my little person.

This Hannah-ite continues dancing, and my kid leans in to me. “She’s not wearing any shoes,” she says. Nope. In fact, she’s been dancing barefoot the whole time, which escaped me in the general screwiness of being serenaded by this cutie while eating my chicken sandwich.

Mom comes out a few minutes later, asks about the shoes, and says “Thanks for being patient, sweetie, Daddy will be here to pick us up in just a few minutes, I’m going to get my things.”

Doesn’t tell her to put on the shoes.

I trust their clean.

Clean is a big factor in Maximum Customer Experience. Think of all the places you won’t go because you know you can’t stand how dirty they are. Think of the sigh of relief you get when a place you expect to be filthy (say, a mechanic’s shop that you’ve never been to before) turns out to be squeaky-clean and fresh smelling.

Would you let your kid walk barefoot where you work?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson