Or for getting lost in words for a while!

At work and wishing you weren’t today? Vacation boring you to tears already? Snow piled up around your ears and you just want to let your mind run free?

Give a few minutes to DomainsBot today. No, I’m not getting anything but a blog post from saying this. They don’t know me, and this isn’t one of those endorsements. I had fun with it and so should you.

It’s a very simple, free site with a few tools to choose from in their sidebar menu. I tried them all. My two favorites aren’t just a fun way to burn a little time, they’re also useful for creating Maximum Customer Experience.

Domain Classifier: So you think you’ve picked a great name?

Can a tool teach you how your customers will experience your name? Well, this one can give you a glimpse.

If you have a website or blog, are thinking of starting one, or are helping someone else figure out how to choose a great domain name (or if you just want to laugh at your friends’ choices), you’ll want to start with the Domain Classifier.  You type in the domain name—maximumcustomerexperience, for instance, without the http:// and the .com—and it tells you what it thinks of the name. Will the name help you? What industry should you use it in?

Handy if you’re starting out, and very thought-provoking if you’ve already made your choice.

The Perception of the public without having to hire your favorite Experience Designer to analyze the domain name for you—oh, no!

Good thing we do a lot more than that. I don’t think it’s going to put us out of business but you are going to get a kick out of it.

Keyword Cloud: Guided brainstorming

The second tool is their Keyword Cloud tool. I know, there are other keyword generators around (I use—get ready for this—my thesaurus when I want to think of synonyms and near-synonyms), but this one is simple and easy to use and fairly effective. If you’ve just discovered that the name you chose isn’t so hot, maybe you want to explore new directions, or maybe you just need an off-kilter way of looking at your chosen focus for a blog post or an ad you’re writing. This tool can help.

I found that I couldn’t type just any old thing into the “Get Related” box (both experience and customer got no results, grrr), but once I settled on letting the tool help me brainstorm by clicking on a word in the cloud, I had a grand time. I spent five or ten minutes completely lost in the Keyword tool.

Give it a shot. I know you’ve only got five or ten minutes to stare off into space today, so play for a while and bookmark it for the future. And don’t forget to type a few friends’ domain names into the Classifier so you can gloat or groan over who picked the better name for their website or blog!

I’d love to hear what you think of the tools, so come back and leave a comment—did you learn something new about your domain name from DomainsBot?  And dare I ask it, did you type “DomainsBot” into DomainsBot, first thing?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson