I Can’t Wake Up Without You…

Or I can’t go to sleep without you. Or I can’t eat lunch, take a break, do work, exercise, drive, without you… whatever. I can’t do without you! You get the point.

This is a totally unfair post, because I’m not giving you the magic method.

You’ve got to be as essential as morning coffee to someone, to survive—whether you own your own business, or you’re an employee in a shaky industry, or maybe you’re a blog author.   🙂

We all answer to someone: the buyer, the boss and coworkers, our readers, (even our spouse and kids!). And if you want to survive and thrive, you’ve got to be essential to someone.

Start today. Build your value so that you become essential to one new customer, new reader, or a coworker. Someone just has to have you, your product, or your service, as part of their day, because you __________ .

They’ll tell someone else, and you’ll have a chance to become as essential as morning coffee to a new contact.

Keep it going.

Are you as essential as morning coffee?

Who or what’s as essential as morning coffee to you?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson