Writing your opening sound-bite, Hollywood-style

Can the Mad Men who drive millions of moviegoers worldwide to plunk down 12 bucks to sit in a darkened theatre sharing a group Experience with strangers, teach you how to promote your business?

A great self-promotional sound-bite can be used in a brochure, on your website, or to finally put you at ease when you’re answering the dreaded “So what do you do?” Being able to sum up your irresistible value to a potential customer in a matter of seconds is a great start to providing Maximum Customer Experience.

These folks get paid a heck of a lot of money to write the words that will drive you wild with anticipation. Why not borrow their formula?

Do these coming attractions attract you?

5/29 – Up
Pixar follows up on their movies about gourmet rats and lonely robots with this flick about a grumpy old man and his balloon-powered floating house.

7/1 – Public Enemies
Johnny Depp stars as legendary bank robber John Dillinger and Christian Bale is the G-man on his tail in this true crime drama directed by Michael Mann.

11/6 – The Wolfman
Benicio Del Toro stars as a nobleman who, thanks to a werewolf bite, begins regular moonlit massacres of the local folk.

11/20 – Sherlock Holmes
Robert Downey Jr. brings the legendary London sleuth to life, with Jude Law as the faithful Dr. Watson and directed by Guy Ritchie.

12/25 – The Princess and the Frog
Disney presents its first traditional hand-drawn animated film in five years with a fairy tale set in New Orleans during the Jazz Age.

Let’s break it down:

  • BIG NAME (big concept, big draw)
  • Character (what the big name is there for)
  • Plot (what the character will be doing to hold our attention)
  • Little name (little draw, the closer)

Can we really do this?

  • with buzz-worthy Customer Experience
  • is almost painless with research, design, and directions to drive your profits up—even in a down economy—
  • from VisionPoints, The Experience Designers.

My blockbuster:
Growing your small business with buzz-worthy Customer Experience is almost painless! with research, design, and directions to drive your profits up—even in a down economy—from VisionPoints, The Experience Designers.

Your turn!

Share your blockbuster intro below—have fun with this—or throw out a half-an-intro and your main idea, and let’s see if all our great MCE commenters can help you where you’re stuck!

These promo-bites are excerpted from Yahoo! MovieTalk’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2009.

By the way, can you spot one sound-bite that s*cks in the five Hollywood promotions above? I’ve got a candidate….


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson

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