Or a pizza… ‘Cause it’s too late for a holiday party

Last month we discussed cheats here at MCE, and in the comments one pain point stuck with me: cheating your staff out of enjoying time together and relaxing on-the-job, will eat away at your most precious assets—your people—more than you realize.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

Please run over to George Tannenbaum’s Ad Aged. In addition to looking devilishly like Tony Curtis, he writes a witty, ranty, occasionally sentimental blog, skewering all things ad and Mad, and many things perverse and worse.

In his recent post, I guess it’s a holdover from a different era, I found George’s simple explanation for this pain: “I know the economy sucks… but if we give up institutions like this one, we are giving up our soul.”

Don’t just treat your employees well. Treat your employees. Maybe have a lobstah.

It’s a quick read on Maximum Employee Experience, but plan to spend some time at Ad Aged. He’ll draw you in with his wonderful words.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson


P.S. For all you readers who’ve known me a while: George also hates emoticons at least as much as I do, but he’s still managed to invent one. I can only claim to have art-directed one, myself, so I’m hugely impressed.

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