“Hello, Fairly Popular Restaurant, my name is T.”

That’s it. Not even “How may I help you.”

“Hi. May I please speak to the manager?”

“Nope. They’re not here.”

“Um, whoever’s in charge?”

“Nobody’s in charge. It’s just me and the bartender here.”

Word for word, dear reader. Eventually we worked it out (amazingly), and as soon as I hung up, I stopped to write these words down for you.

Have I ever asked you to do an audit of your telephone Experience before? Please. At random intervals, pick up that phone. Have your Mom do it, if staff might recoginze your voice.

I don’t let my kid answer the phone with this little care, why would anyone permit this of an employee, responsible for representing their company to the world?

Do it now. I hope T. doesn’t work for you.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson

P.S. If you’re reading this: You’ve still got “Buy New Year’s Eve tickets” on your homepage. And the kid and I are huge fans.