Let’s bring in some fresh blood!

Let’s not.

I’ve been around a few blocks in my working life. If you’re reading the Maximum Customer Experience Blog, I’ll wager you have, too.

My unscientific estimate is that 2/3 of the workforce I’ve seen in my travels is underutilized. If you think that’s a bold charge, walk around your world today—at work, while shopping, while eating, while running errands—with your eyes open for it. 2/3 of the people you see don’t love their company, and they aren’t giving it their all.

Bored, disengaged, clockpunchers.

So many have been doing so much less than their talents for so long, they’re even resentful.

Bored staff=Missed revenue.

It’s a direct equation.

Every darn day. In your company. Bored staff ignore opportunities to improve and innovate, they do their work at the slowest permissible pace, they give minimum Customer Experience to the people who pay your bills, they create an environment of demotivation for each other. And you’re letting it happen, because you don’t care, either.

Don’t bring in new blood. Get the blood you have, pumping.

A new-hire transfusion is a lazy, artificial mask for a problem that will come raging back in a small-business heartbeat—when your new staffers discover that they’re not required to give it their all, either. That giving it their all isn’t encouraged or recognized by you, and sure isn’t appreciated by fellow employees.

Heart and soul from every person on staff, starting today.

Use what you’ve got to the maximum—starting with you.

Or new blood will only make a bigger mess.


Grow and be well-fulfilled,

Kelly Erickson

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