A Simple Lesson From One of the Big Boys

Amazon box at work with my bags


What’d you get?”

“What’d you get?”

“What’d you get?”

Everyone who walked by and peeked under my desk asked it.

Asked with a smile, wanting to share my joy.

Because they saw a box, and assumed there was a bit of joy inside it.

Can your logo do that to folks who aren’t current customers?

No, neither does mine, yet. (Maybe it works on you, just a bit!) We’re working on it.

It’s the holy grail of logo design—memorable, positive, and uniquely theirs—and witnessing its power today, I’m in awe of Amazon all over again.

What logos instantly get a smile and a positive memory out of you? Is your own company’s logo on the list?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson