Are You Struggling to Make the Sale?

Take a cue from the birds and the bees—stop working so hard and use what nature gave you!


Nobody wants to be hit on, but everybody wants to be in love.

How’s that?

I said, nobody wants to be sold to, but everybody loves to buy.

So stop running your business like you’re a pickup artist. It ain’t that artistic. Use these three steps to build relationships that lead to what nature intended—fabulous, ongoing interludes between you and your customers, who love you wildly.

First Step: Playing the Field

… Or if you insist, Lead Gathering.

You know you’ve got to market to make it, and you desperately want to shorten that cycle and get some sales in the sack. Take a cue from the birds, the bees, and The Open Box:

Put it on display

Entice, tease, beckon

Stir the senses

Be available

Be easy

Whatever you do, don’t be cheap!

Second Step: Nookie

… Sold!

Do I have to say it? You overpromised when you were dating. Tonight’s the Night, babe.


It’s all about the other person’s needs—give him what he wants, and he’ll find a dozen ways to pay you back


Talk about the future. It only feels funny for a minute, and then it’s the most natural thing in the world

Be sincere, or go home

Follow up—surprise him all over again

Third Step: Keeping the Fire Alive

… Ahh, the honeymoon. You love the customer, she raves about you… times are great. And without the real work, all-too-brief.

Why, oh why is it the post-sale effort that’s most often neglected? Do you really want to start dating every prospect in town again when it’s so much easier… cheaper… and, um… more convenient, to hold on to the good thing you’ve got?

Continue servicing with the same energy

Take it to the next level

Show off your flexibility/ versatility

Spice things up periodically

Keep in touch constantly

The birds and the bees don’t struggle. They don’t read books on how to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I like books—but sometimes you just have to remember these are people you’re trying to entice, and you’re a person, and well…

You can do this. Act naturally. Romancing the customer shouldn’t be such a chore.

Tip of the Week:

Give your honey a quick… kiss this morning and get to work keeping your customers’ fires burning. And yes, consider this your early Valentine’s Day present, my beloved Maximum Customer Experience readers, as I’ll be off tomorrow being wildly romantic. I wish you smiles.

Today, let’s talk about making sales sizzle: How can a company capture your heart so completely, it’s almost better than nookie?

Can you do that in your own company?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson